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EdgeMiner GUI (Coming soon!) allows you to access your rigs from anywhere and make changes anytime.

Free to Use

Start out with the free beta version of EdgeMiner, and have access to every feature!


Edgeminer offers the best overclocking features, giving you increased mining performance.

Making Cryptocurrency mining easy.

You have the ability to mine cryptocurrency. We are here to give you the tools and information to succeed. EdgeMiner (beta) is an easy to use altcoin minging and rig management software that gives you access to mine multiple different cryptocurrencies. Setting up a mining rig is simple.


Main Features

Creative Edge is constantly improving our EdgeMiner (beta) software to better fit you. Look around at how we help you succeed, and let us know how we can improve our software for you.

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The Creative Edge story

More Than Technology

Creative Edge is a Colorado based company, dedicated to simplifying the way the world uses emerging technology. Our mission is expand decentralized technology through providing tools that allows everyone to be able to participate in on decentralization. More simply put, we desire to make things like cryptocurrency mining easier for you to do.

Brandon and Nathan started Creative Edge in their living room in October 2017. Originally, a side project for both, Creative Edge has grown into a versatile and unique company that offers many services. From software development, to custom computers, Creative Edge is here for all of your computer needs. Reach out to our team with any questions or need you may have!

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Our Philosophy

Making Decentralization Accessible

Decentralization means that not one single entity has control. The issue with decentralized technologies arising today, like cryptocurrency, is that they become complicated to the point that few people can figure out how to participate. This has created a new level of centralization, where only people who have spent a significant amount of time studying the emerging technologies are allowed in. We are going to fix that. Through providing tools that anyone can use, we give you the power to make the world a more secure and accessible place for everyone.

Our Team

Here in Denver Colorado, we are building a team of qualified people to help you succeed in the world of cryptocurrency. From skilled software engineers to communicators, we are here for you.


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